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1- Instead of taking baths, take short showers.
2- Reduce the shower time.
3- Reduce the water heater temperature to 120 ° F
4- Don't let running water.
5- For most laundry charges, use cold water
6- Efficient use of the dishwasher.
7- Fix leaks.
8- Install fixtures that are low-flow.
9- Use your water heater tank to mount heat traps.
10- Insulate your storage tank with hot water.
11- Insulate the hot and cold water pipes connected to the water heater for the first few feet.
12- Install a timer
13- Consider upgrading the washer for your clothing.
14- Try buying a new heater for heating.
15- Consider buying a dishwasher eligible by ENERGY STAR

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

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What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency? 🔧
1. Shut the water off. Turn off the nearest water source as quickly as possible when an emergency strikes.
1. Check the heater for your water.
3. Tackle minor leaks.
4. Open spigots and drains.
5. Speak and call.
6. Read more about your program.
7. Don't try to fix anything if you're unsure.
8. Recall which drains are not bottles of garbage.💪👏

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